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Name:Tybalt The Cat


When he is not moonlighting as a bengal cat, Tybalt is a skilled swordsman, a fighter, and driven by a code of upholding and enforcing justice. He's something of a prickly feline, and more often than not his first impressions are bad ones. He'd sooner challenge a new acquaintance to a sword duel than compliment them, and there is no easier way to get on his bad side than to injure his pride. He's brave, bold and hot-tempered. While he is generally well-intentioned, he can come off as rude and difficult to relate to. He'd rather no one knew about his soft underbelly. Unnaturally flexible and quick to draw his blade, he is a force to be reckoned with in a fight, despite his thin appearance. Don't be fooled into thinking that the one-eyed cat will be at a disadvantage. He has long since found ways for making up for that injury. It rarely holds him back.

Tybalt is an OC and loosely based off his Reynard the Fox Fables counterpart, Tybalt the cat.
While the name and idea belong to the fables, the OC himself belongs to me.
PB is Benedict Cumberbatch who belongs only to himself.
Mun and Muse 18+

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